2017 Realtors Home & Garden Show


I will be in the Realtors Home and Garden Show from March 24th – April 2nd at the Wisconsin Exposition Center at State Fair Park.

Look for me in booth # 933       Stop by and say hello!

It’s not too early to plan for your landscaping now.  Get a head start so that you can enjoy your new outdoor room this summer.  Call for an appointment.

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7 Simple Steps to Get Your Garden Ready for Spring

Think Spring . . .

It has been a long winter, but spring is just around the corner. Here are a few things you should think about to get your garden ready for spring and summer:

  1. Late winter is a good time to prune many deciduous trees and shrubs. Look for dead or diseased branches. Avoid pruning birch, elm maple and walnut trees in winter, instead prune those trees in late fall
  2.  Wait to prune spring flowering shrubs to avoid removing this year’s flower buds. Prune after flowering
  3.  To bring spring into your home, force branches of early flowering shrubs such as forsythia, crabapple, pussy willow and lilac. Place in a container with water in a cool, well lit room away from direct sunlight
  4.  It is still too early to remove mulches and other protection for plants. Wait until new growth is established
  5.  When all frost is out of the ground you can start a spring clean-up. Check for winter snow and salt damage. Prune dead and broken branches and rake up the lawn when the lawn is dry
  6.  Planting beds can be prepared as soon as signs of frost are gone and beds are dry
  7.  Think about planting spring flowering trees such as ornamental pears, crabapples, magnolias and serviceberry for your gardens this year. These trees are readily available in spring

Also, things to think about:

  • Which plants did you enjoy last summer?
  • Which plants did not do well and should be replaced?
  • Consider increasing your garden space or
  • Consider installing a new outdoor room for relaxing or entertaining
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